Tours & Excursions

There are lots of tours and excursions to choose from in Antigua, we have highlighted a few of the highly recommended tours below. Email us at or call us on 1-268-785-6896 to book you tour today!


Sly's Boat Charter

All aboard!!! Climb onto a 24ft Boston Whaler and shake your hips to some of the Caribbean’s latest selection of Soca music while enjoying an on-the sea view of the island. Bird Island is the number one spot for snorkeling and is nothing short of its name – Observe an array of bird species that has chosen the island as their home. Go snorkeling and swim with the fishes in their natural habitat and document your memories by taking pictures with colourful starfishes, enjoy all the Island has to offer by partaking on a nature hike, and be an explorer for a day by discovering one of our Island most hidden treasures – the lost cave which is only accessible by water. Don’t be alarmed to find one of the Island’s only species of snake, the Antigua Racer Snake, lounging around alongside you. We cater to the food lovers as well. So enjoy a mouthwatering Caribbean BBQ on the beach served with our famous banana bread for desert and a selection of drinks.

Customize tours, based on your specification are also available. So book your tour with us and take advantage of a US$50.00 discount for all bookings with HOLIDAY ANTIGUA & BARBUDA.

Antigua Rainforest Canopy Tourdownload

The Antigua Rainforest Company is the island’s zip line and rope challenge course operator. The course is the expansive and expertly designed zip line & rope challenge course of the Antigua Rainforest Company.

The tour offers 12 zips and a full course (13 zips and 9 elements of challenge course) tour, 3 aerial walk way bridges, 2 tree houses, 2 ‘Leap of Faith’ vertical descents, 9 elements of challenge course & 3 unique combination tours. The company offers complimentary lockers, a fully stocked bar, their own Photo Shack to view photos and videos of you in action, and a relaxing covered verandah lounge to sit and enjoying your cocktail from the bar whilst watching others zip in the forest right in front of you.

Extreme Circumnavigation

download (2)This Xtreme tour takes adventurers right around Antigua’s rugged, 365 beach coastline. Count them if you can!

The main highlights of this Xtreme adventure, making it totally unique, are the high speed Miami Vice style run through the amazing islands of the north sound with its myriad coral reefs, the exclusive Stingray City Marine Park swim where you can have your picture taken actually holding one of these ancient and beautiful fish; the Robinson Crusoe style, buffet lunch at Green Island with your toes in the water; the tour of Nelson’s Dockyard with your own on-board local guide; the guided snorkel trip at the awesome Pillars of Hercules with its volcanic boulders below the surface, and the swim and beach combing at the extremely secluded and beautiful Rendezvous Bay.  Between stops our boats will race you past the beaches and shores of Antigua so you’d better be a quick counter to get the 365!

Stingray City Antiguaimages

Stingray City Antigua Snorkel Adventure will be the highlight of your vacation, and an experience that will live with you forever. The Southern Rays are without doubt the brightest rays in the Caribbean, very friendly and gentle. Come and enjoy with us this unique experience of touching and feeding a Stingray, together with snorkeling amongst magnificent coral reefs and colorful tropical fish.


Wadadli Catsimages (1)

 You not only gain access to the best beaches and snorkelling sites, but also have more time to relax over your Caribbean on board buffet lunch. Our speed ensures we whip through the ocean’s rough spots and so there’s much less chance of you feeling seasick!